The Balm Nude’tude creation August 23, 2014

Today hubby is taking me to see a film (Getaway)- which wasnt very good but anyhow, gave me time to…..

Have a play with my gift from a friend of mine who travelled to Mayalsia, Kuala Lumpur and brought me back The Balm Nude’tude  Naughty Palette.  The pigments are buttery soft and opaque.  Of all the palettes (compared to many makeup addicts, I have very few palettes, let along makeup!) I have I would say for me this is the best formula I own.  I had no fall out when using these colours.

I used all the colours.  Using my Real Techniques Shading Brush I bearly touched the brush into particular colours for where I wanted to lay that mix of colour on the eye.  i.e. keeping the sassy, snobby for the base, stubborn, stand-offish, selfish for the lid, sophisticated, seductive, silly for the crease, sexy, serious, sleek for the outer ‘v’ and deepening the crease, sassy also used for the inside corner.  Laying and blending until I got the intensity I wanted.

One of the reasons I did this, is so that I dont use up the ‘go to’ colours and then am left with a discountinued palette.  I want to try and use up my palettes (I think in itself this is a challenge) – and get equal use from the colours.  This is the first time I actually decided to use all colours.  I know that this technique will not work with all palettes.  I have an 88 palette …. dare I say more!



I moisturized with Body Shop Vit C moisturizer

Benefit That Gal Primer

Flori Roberts Cream to Powder foundation in Carob

MAC Lustre Drops colour Sun Rush

Hourglass Ambient Lighting in Dim Light

Lakme Absolute Moon lit highlighter

Bobbi Brown Sheer Blackberry creme blush – discountinued, may be able to purchase via ebay

MAC Blusher Pinch Me

MAC Lipstick(s) Angel and Sophistico



NYX White Eye Shadow base

NYX Slide on Pencil in white

The Balm Nude’tude 

Wet n Wild Coloricon dark brown

Rimmel Extra WoW Lash mascara

Ardell Single Knot free lashes



Various Real Technique Brushes

Kyrolan Premuim Eye Shadow Blending brush # 9363

Nude'tude look August 23, 2014

Nude’tude look August 23, 2014

hair down

hair down

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Sephora haul – September 1, 2014

Sephora haul, September 1, 2014

Sephora haul, September 1, 2014

Hi Guys

I made some purchases at Sephora on line, and here’s what I bought.  Haven’t tried anything yet but look forward to playing with my new toys!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Proof Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner $ 5


SEPHORA COLLECTION Bulls Eye Lash Applicator $12

Benefit Cosmetics Goodtime Gals $15

DUO Eyelash Adhesive black $9

SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Palette Night in Pink Satin 05 $11

SEPHORA COLLECTION Fringe Benefits Lashes $10

SEPHORA COLLECTION False Eye Lashes Wink $5

SEPHORA COLLECTION False Eye Lashes Astonish $10

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream sample

BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector sample

Marula Cleansing Lotion sample

GIVENCHY Le Rouge in Rose Dressing – GIVENCHY Le Rouge in Rose Dressing sample

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 ColorWarm Bronze – sunkissed bronze/ for all skin tones $38

bareMinerals bareMinerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ColorGolden Dark – for dark skin with subtle yellow-olive undertones $ 27


The Link as if you didn’t know

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Physically shopping – anyone!?

Hi Bloggers and blogger readers/readettes! I am specifically talking about cosmetics; is anyone like me, and prefers to go out there in the world and go into the shops and actually walk around the shops and pick up and touch, and swatch and smell and dab on the products!? The excitement of placing the products in their shopping basket and going to the till, paying and taking them home and trying on, playing, spraying or whatever – and feel that sense of joy purchasing that product and having it to hand there and then?! I love it, walking into that shop of choice and finding my colour or trying a new colour or having that new colour tried on me, and speaking with the MUA. I love winding up that lipstick and swatching it, I love dipping my finger in that moisturizer and rubbing it into my hands, I love swiping that setting powder, blusher, eyeshadow, and having stripes all over the back of my hand (looking like a multi-coloured diease). I love picking up the false lashes and trying to imagine how they are going to look.  Just for info Bourjois have come up with on invention for us to trial lashes.  I found this blog that shows the Bourjois eyelash trial holders: The lashes are attached on their display to a plastic holder which is shaped for the eye and the would be customer can hold the lash close to the eye to get a sense of how the lash will look.  Ingenious!!! Oh and finding that bargin! Love IT! Yep its great having on-line service, it is justified. But the old fashioned going to the shops has a lot to be said. Does anyone agree? or has this trend been put to bed, in the era of the on-line market?! Debs





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Not feeling 100% – August 10, 2014

…so decided to do a makeover to cheer myself up! I have a cold, and am not going to let it get the better of me. I wasnt in the mood to sit and watch telly, I would rather be busy, so whilst playing with my makeup and listening to LBC I find applying makeup therapeutic!

So lets get started. With a washed and cleansed face:-

Not feeling so well with a cold!  Decided to do a make up look!

Not feeling so well with a cold! Decided to do a make up look!

I used Oilatum and I used Vaseline to keep my lips moist until I added my lipstick.  For extra moisture to my face, and to brighten my complexion I used Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.



Maybelline Fit me Concealer cafe # 30

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair colour warm almond #6.5

Iman Second to None cream to powder clay # 4

Hourglass ambient lighting powder moodlight


Bobbi Brown cheek tint sheer blackberry #9

MAC blush in Raizin


The Products

The Products


TOO FACED Natural Eye palette all colours used (I have the old palette, there is a new one now)
Wet n Wild H2O proof eyeliner in black

LA Colors white jumbo pencil

MaxFactor colour expert waterproof eyeliner black

Brows Kryolan Contour pencil black/brown Maybelline The Colossal volume express black mascara

Lashes Rimmel Extra Wow Lash black

Ardell Lashes # 110

LIPS MAC Up the Amp to line NYX # 903 Dark Brown eyeliner



Real Techniques Blush Brush

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Real Techniques Base Shadow

ECO Tools Pointed Concealer

ECO Tools Flat Shader


Need some good lighting!

Need some good lighting!


Nipher Tete!?

not bad for a sick gal!

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luvin’ the lashes – July 7, 2014

hello guys

I have come to the conclusion, I am a lashaholic!! Reading about them, on line browsing them, trying them on constantly! Kind of seeing that if put on an eyeliner base, I can basically wear any type, whether drama, or natural, false eyelashes! They do not look outlandish!!

Luvin lashes - July 8, 2014

Luvin lashes – July 8, 2014

Anyways here is a look with my Amazon lashes, which I did in a ‘playing with my makeup’ regime.

The Products - luvin lashes July 8, 2014

The Products – luvin lashes July 8, 2014

I moisturized with oilatum cream

Mary Kay concealer yellow as an eye primer

I used my Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette eye shadow

with Boots Botanics eye colours 48 blazing star in the crease, and 40 star anise on my lid.

to brighten under my eyes I used ELF Spice, and Maybelline Cafe #30

Duo eyelash adhesive

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Body Shop Eyeshadow Blender

ECO Tools detailed lip blender



The Result - luvin lashes July 8, 2014

The Result – luvin lashes July 8, 2014

Since drafting this blog, I have had the experience of having lash clusters put on at the BLINK Brow Bar (see my previous blog My new found cosmetic accessory).  And through that experience I now apply my stripe lashes slightly differently!  It may sound a little horrific


I place the false lash beneath my real lashes, on the underside of your lashes is a pink flesh part of the lid, which does not lay on your eyeball.  I apply a very thin layer of Duo eyelash adhesive on top of the false lash, wait for 1 minute and with my Kiss tweezers lay the false lash up under my real lashes.  The effect is fabulous.  My advice, make sure the adhesive is minimal, wait for it to get tacky, have a 10 x magnify mirror to look down into, using the tweezers, take the false lash up into the lash line and place in the middle first and them the outer corners.  Leave alone for 10-15 seconds them tap the false lashes with your tweezers into place along the lash line.  I have found no irritation or discomfort, either with the clusters which I wore for 10 days nor with my false lashes which I have been using this method for a couple of days thus far.

I actually find this method easier than the conventional way of placing false lashes above my real lashes.  I also find that I do not have to use an eyeliner or be concerned about the false lash band!

Tip, practice, practice, practice!!

Thanks for reading.

Ciao for now, God bless Debs


My gift from hubby

Lancôme  Voyage  PaletteHello Everyone, hope you are all well. My hubby went on a trip to Sri Lanka, as a gift he did the right thing and brought back a make up palette, Lancome Absolu Voyage. Anything skin care, or makeupy! He cannot go wrong really! I thought I would write my opinion on the product.

The box it comes in, has a picture of the content – nothing eye catching, what you see is what you get inside. The container is black plastic, and to be to the point, to me it looks cheap. Its not what I would call a robust container. Comparing my NYX nude on nude palette (container wise) that one is more sturdy. The container would be expected from a lower end brand than Lancome high end! Product arrived in a bubble envelope and also housed in a velveteen sleeve.

OK moving on the content quote from Lancome …. four full-size accessories – a lip brush, eye brush, powder brush and a small applicator pad.

Lancome Absolu Voyage Complete Make-Up Palette’s upper deck includes:
1 x Mini Virtuose Mascara
6 x Ombre Absolu Eye Shadow
1 x Concealer
1 x Powder Blusher
1 x Compact Powder
3 x L’Absolu Rouge Lip Color
Lancome Absolu Voyage Complete Make-Up Palette’s lower deck includes:
1 x Crayon A Levres Lip Contour Pencil
1 x Crayon Khol
1 x Blush Brush
1 x Eyeshadow Brush
1 x Lipstick Brush
1 x Foundation Sponge

Lancôme Absolut Voyage

I didn’t keep the palette , it wasn’t for me.  I in my opinion didnt like these colours on me.  I don’t think these colours are vibrant enough for a women of colour.

sorry Lancôme Absolu Voyage was not a hit for me!

Fragrance Direct Haul July 2014

Hi Guys

Thanks for stopping by. I thought I would share with you my cosmetic shopping haul. I purchased some products via Fragrance Direct for the first time. The discounts are up to 70% off the retail price and the delivery took only a few days:

Actually brought these items in January 2014!

Actually brought these items in January 2014!

I wanted to try some Becca Products but did not want to pay the asking price, I shopped around on the internet and came across the above site, I did some research and all reviews were positive.

As well as the Becca Products I also choose some other cosmetics which took my fancy and were not expensive.

Becca Products

Becca Products

Becca Luminous Skin Colour in the colour Mink £5:99
Becca Rejuvenating Primer Tightening Hydrating Formula £5:99 (not pictured)
Becca Beach Tint Water Resistant colour strawberry £3:99
Becca Beach Tint Water Resistant colour Lapis £4:99
Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish colour Fuchsia Fever 186 £0.60 (not pictured)
Technic Get Lashed Volumising Mascara in black £0.99
Pure Revitalising Cleanser £0.99
Pupa Rainbow Compact Blush £1.99
Pupa XXXL Lip Brilliant Cream x 2 colour 4&6 @ £1:99
Eye Candy Strip Lashes 50s # 011 x 3 @ £0:99
Jemma Kidd Fashion Palette £5:95
Becca Illminate Wash Liquid highlighter £4:99

Technics - Get Lashed mascara

Technics – Get Lashed mascara 0:99

Pupa - lipsticks

Pupa – lipsticks 1:99 x 2

Eye Candy # 011 lashes

Eye Candy # 011 lashes 0:99

Jemma Kidd Eye Palette

Jemma Kidd Eye Palette 5:95

Pupa Rainbow Compact Blush £1.99

Pupa Rainbow Compact Blush £1.99

Pure Revitalising Cleanser £0.99

Pure Revitalising Cleanser £0.99

Definitely will purchase from them again!

Ciao for now, God bless Debs

My new found cosmetic accessory

Hi Everyone,
Hoping you are all well. As you may have seen from my previous blogs, I am enjoying the new found love of false lashes!

I previously brought the MAC # 43 false lashes, which on me look very natural (in my opinion): wearing these with a ‘natural’ eye look, can make the eyes look quite stunning, not overly glam. Subtle, with the look of ….you look nice!’ but not knowing exactly what it is….! They can also be worn with a dramatic eye and look beautiful (analogy, jeans with trainers, or jeans with heals!)

Lashes I wore are the MAC # 43

Lashes I wore are the MAC # 43

During that bout I got out my Red Cherry #62 lashes (which I had carried in my travel bag forever) and although a bit glam on my standards, I wore those suckers, with a glam eye makeup; with confidence whilst out for dinner with hubby!

I find with the Red Cherry #62’s work well and look good, if partnered with a glamourous eye so they do not look overly clown like, (analogy, imagine you were to wear a beautiful evening gown and trainers) the eye makeup has to be dramatic – to carry off the whole glamour effect.

Red Cherry # 62

Red Cherry # 62

Lashes I wore here are the Red Cherry # 62

Lashes I wore here are the Red Cherry # 62

So now on my new found journey, I have been looking at trying out semi permanent lash extensions. After much research I have finally come to a decision to get them done in the Blink Bar. I liked the fact that they first do a patch test, although you can opt out of that and have them applied without being tested first, you sign a disclaimer, so at your own risk be it. For me I would rather have the 48 hour patch test! My eyes are precious! I will try the patch test on both the semi permanent and the 2 week cluster as they both use their own chemical application (which gives me an option to see if I prefer one over the other, or worst comes to worst, I may react to one and not the other or both!) Hoping I get the result of which to choose!!

Here’s is a picture of my natural curly/coily short stubs of a lash!!


short & curly

short & curly

my short and curlies!

my short and curlies!

I will blog my experience regarding my visit to the Blink Bar in due course!! I am looking at end of July in time for a friends b’day celebration.

So excited! Crazy isnt it!!??

God bless Debs

Update August 4, 2014

Got them done!  My cluster lashes at the Blink Bar on July 28, 2014.  First on the Friday before I had a patch test with the extensions and with the cluster.  However, the technician advised I could not have the extensions, as I have bald patches (no lashes) in some areas of my lash line (I pulled out my lashes when I was young?!); the extensions are placed on your natural lashes, so if you have none……!  The only option for me would be the cluster lashes.  Thankfully I had no reaction to the chemicals.  The following Monday I went to my appointment.  The section lasted 1 hour, no pain, and they are applied with your eyes open.  You focus on an object and the technican applies individual clusters to your lash line, by slightly pulling up your eye lid.  Sounds not very nice, but its not as bad as it sounds.  Put it this way an underarm wax is more uncomfortable and applying the clusters does not come near!  At the Blink Bar they explain everything you need to know.

Profile of Clusters applied at the Blink Bar July 28.  After 5 days.

Profile of Clusters applied at the Blink Bar July 28. After 5 days.

Above view - look natural and full.

Above view – look natural and full.

Blink Bar clusters July 28, 2014 - really enjoying them

Blink Bar clusters July 28, 2014 – really enjoying them

Had a lot of compliments.  People that know me knew there was something different but didn’t know what!  Would definitely get them done again.  The clusters last approx 2 weeks, or until your own eyelashes, naturally fall out.

There are many Blink Bar stores to choose from, find a location convenient for you.

Ciao for now, God bless Debs


A 1/2 dupe discovery!

Hi Everyone,

I made a discovery, maybe I am a little slow on the uptake! I thought I would blog it though! Unfortunately this item is now discontinued, but maybe Sephora will bring this item out again sometime in the future.

I was watching a YouTube makeup tutorial and the MUA was using the Narsissist Eye Palette. I had to go rummage through my makeup cupboard and pull out the Sephora Pocket Eye Palette, I was excited to see how similar the palettes are.

Sephora Pocket Eye Palette July 14, 2014

Sephora Pocket Eye Palette July 14, 2014

Colours for the Sephora Pocket Eye Palette July 14, 2014

Colours for the Sephora Pocket Eye Palette July 14, 2014

Sephora Pocket Eye Palette July 14, 2014 1/2 Dupe for Narsissist Eye Palette

Sephora Pocket Eye Palette July 14, 2014 1/2 Dupe for Narsissist Eye Palette

The Sephora Palette has 8 shadows, all neutral, the Nars Palette has 15 shadows all neutral shades. It does carry some violet and rose tones. However, from what I can see the Sephora Palette carries 8 of the shades similar to the Nars. Of course the price is much less for the Sephora, (I cannot remember what I paid) but on par Nars would certainly be more expensive, even if it was selling 8 shades. Product amount, Nars gives 0.003 and Sephora slightly less 0.025. I have never had the privilege of using Nars eyeshadow, so would not know the texture or staying power. The Sephora palette I use with a primer, and the staying power is approx 4 hours, I usually layer with other shadow products. I find all the colours sheer, even if you build, accept the colours #7 and #8 (two darkest), and I have used #8 with a damp brush for an eyeliner. I used the edge of the colour so not to distort the consistency. I would say fall out is minimal. All in all a palette I enjoy using. Loving colour #2.

I was pleased to discover that I had a Nars dupe in my hands!

Thanks for reading, God bless Debs

Graduation Night! June 27, 2014



oh no…. not mine, a friends son – who is off to further his education in the US! I decided to go in Nigerian dress; thinking that everyone would dress up! Nupe I was wrong it was more casual than formal!! Of course still enjoyable…. and the effort I made I thought I would share…

The Basics after washing my face with coconut oil and sugar scrub, (I mixed the coconut oil and sugar myself! Oh how clever am I!! It wasnt a bought product!)

Scrubbed up and moisturised!

Scrubbed up and moisturised!

close up

close up



Tarte Amazon Escape Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette

Tarte Amazon Escape Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette

Red Cherry # 62

the lashes Red Cherry # 62

To moisturizer I used my Body Shop Vit E Aqua Boost Sorbet, and for more moisture the Body Shop Vitamin C daily moisturiser SPF 30.

To Prime my face, I also put a little of this on my eyelids: Benefit “that gal” brightening face primer. Loving this product. It drys very quickly on the skin. I dab and pat working quickly, also adding a dab of whats left on my fingers onto my eyelids. It keeps everything in place nicely!

For my brows I am using up my LA Girl Endless Auto Eyeliner in Charcoal with light strokes also using my Kryolan Pencil Combi (2 colour Black and Brown). I also used the same pencils on my bottom eyeline and smudged it out to difuse and give a softer look. To contour my brows and give a sharp outline I used a beige concealer from Inglot from their Freedom System. The palette I have holds 3 round products all are for the eyes. For Mascara on my bottom lashes I used Maybelline Great Lash Mascara blackest black. I never put mascara on my top lashes if I am wearing false lashes, as my lashes curl and I have to do everything I can to straighten them out so I can put the false lashes on!

The lashes I wore this night was my lovely MAC # 43’s (I have got 7 wears out of them, then they died a death – stiff from putting eyeliner on and that eyeliner gets onto the lashes, as I go over the lashes to cover the lash band!) The eyeliner I am enjoying using is Max Factor Colour Xpert Liner in black. It needs to be shaken (you can hear the little ball in the tube) to mix up the pigment – very black, I prefer this to the Wet n Wild eyeliner I just finished.

Next step on the eyes was my Tarte Amazonian Clay. There are a flood of cosmetics on the market today. The palettes come and go like technology. I am not going to be caught up in buying every palette that comes out daily! (Although I sometimes feel to try everything that comes on the market – I ask myself why! Another variation of brown, white, taupe, grey etc., etc???? How many cosmetic products can someone use?) I am explaining this so those who see my blogs, my looks will considerably be a variation of what they have already seen on me! However, please note, my blogging (or diary) is one I can take a look at from time to time and see what I have been using and how minor changes will take place as I continue to play with my makeup.

So that being said the colours I used:
All over my lid TAME, I kept layering this colour to get an opaque intensity: really love this bright satin colour on me, also used in the inner corner of my eye too.
In my crease: ROPE and CANOPY
Outer Corner: TRIBAL

FACE: Blush using the same palette I dip my brush in both FREE and EXPOSED and buffed until my hearts desire!

FOUNDATION: I used my Benefits Hello flawless oxygen wow! brightening makeup oil-free SPF 25 in the colour Nutmeg

LIPS: I used my MAC Up the Amp amplified creme and to line my lips I used Rimmel eyeliner in Purple Passion

the look!!

the look!!


The Tools:
Real Techniques brushes brow, Base shadow, buffing, blusher,
my favourite Kryolan 9363 blending.
Duo lash adhesive white/clear

A NOTE: I had to recreate the look that I wore, I didnt have my original MAC # 43’s :-( so for the sake of the blog I used the Red Cherry #62’s and I didnt have my original Gele (Nigerian head dress) as its in the dry cleaners!

The Finished Result!

July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014

the looks - July 1, 2014

the looks – July 1, 2014

Thank you for reading! God bless Debs

the look July 1, 2014

the look July 1, 2014